For centuries, humans have harnessed the energy created by river currents to power rudimentary machinery. In the late 1800s, the modern water turbine was created — and the world’s first hydroelectric plant. Since that time, hydropower has been embraced the world over as a clean, renewable source of energy to power nearly every facet of our lives.

Today, Hydro-Québec is the leading provider of clean, renewable energy in North America. As greenhouse gases know no borders, we supply our clean, hydroelectricity to neighboring states, like Maine, to help reduce our collective carbon footprint.

A committed member of the communities we serve, Hydro-Québec enjoys consistently high customer approval ratings — at 94%. More information on the company can be found on its website,

Fully Permitted

Don’t be fooled by a minority of vocal opponents. The truth is, those groups are almost exclusively paid by out of state oil and gas companies who want to keep Mainers buying and burning their dirty fuel. The clean energy corridor has successfully concluded a rigorous 33-month review involving numerous independent, technical and other studies. All the major required permits have been obtained in the U.S. from state and federal agencies.

Fast Facts

1,600 good-paying construction jobs in Maine
$18 million each year in host community tax revenues
964 acres compared to timber harvests (400,000 acres per year)
Over 3 million metric tons of carbon emissions will be removed from the region


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