Clean Energy For Maine

About Clean Energy for Maine

Along with creating jobs and upgrading Maine’s power grid, the Clean Energy Corridor keeps Maine on course for a clean energy future. By importing hydro-electric power from its neighbor to the north, Maine can be less reliant on dirty fossil fuels, especially in winter.

The Clean Energy Corridor also protects Maine’s valuable forests. Most of the transmission line runs along existing routes, and the project is designed for a small environmental footprint. 

No surprise then that 95% of the funding for fighting the project is from out-of-state oil & gas companies. They don’t want clean energy for Maine.

It is time to check the facts and put aside the misinformation. The Clean Energy Corridor means affordable electricity now and a renewable energy future for Maine. 

Who would reject that?

The Clean Energy Corridor Means

Fast Facts

$140 Million in electric rate relief for Mainers
zero clearcutting of untouched forests or destruction of public lands
95% of funding opposing the corridor comes from out-of-state oil & gas companies
700,000 cars worth of CO2 reduced each year


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