Vote No on Question 1 on Election Day Our endorsements: The editorial board weighs in on 2021 races Lighthouse at Cape Elizabeth. Vote ‘no’ on 1; we need the CMP corridor | Norman Baker Joe Biden’s energy secretary wants Mainers to back the CMP corridor | Jessica Piper Governor Mills: Why I voted No on Question One Smoke rising from a coal plant. Vote ‘no’ on Question 1 to fight climate change | Letter to the Editor Maine Welcome Sign The Maine Idea: Keep big picture in view on Question 1 | Douglas Rooks Winding road in Maine Permitting decisions shouldn’t be made by politicians. That’s Question 1’s big flaw. | Benjamin Dudley Corporate manipulation of public on Question 1 | Jamie Beaulieu Casco Bay Bridge in Portland, Maine Question 1 is a ‘civil war’ between fossil fuels and renewable power | Anthony Buxton A young woman signing the bill on the digital tablet at the register at a local neighborhood coffee shop. Voting no on Maine’s ballot Question 1 | Allegra Zamore CMP Corridor helps address climate change | Carolyn Bower Sunset Lake Landscape Vote no on Question 1 | Walter Anderson Power lines in the woods of Maine. Question 1 not about ‘pristine’ forest | Bill Harmon A view looking at Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory in the State of Maine, USA. Our endorsement: Vote ‘no’ on Question 1 to fight climate change | The Editorial Board Electrical wires against blue sky, Maine, USA. A ‘No’ vote will bring cleaner air, revenue to Maine | Editorial Marshall Point Lighthouse. Say no to Question 1, fossil fuel interests | Paul Baribault Maine Welcome Sign CMP corridor will bring more good-paying jobs to Maine | John Thornton Sunrise at Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA. Opinion: Retroactively stopping approved public projects is dangerous policy | Rep. Kathleen Dillingham Power line along Quiet Peak's Island Perimeter Road on Peaks Island, Maine in Summer. Plugging in and tuning out | Editorial
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