Marshland of Mount Desert Island near Acadia National Park CMP corridor question poses a conundrum | John Balentine Close Up Of Male Hand Adjusting Digital Central Heating Thermostat In Home. No on Question 1 would lower energy costs | Leslie Lacroix A view looking at Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory in the State of Maine, USA. No on Question 1: The referendum is an overreach that could have far-reaching negative implications | BDN Editorial Board Lobster Buoys Hanging on Fence, Maine Rocky Coast Shore at twilight sunset evening time. Don’t follow Maxmin’s path, vote no on 1 | Laura Honey The Maine Millennial: Climate considerations forced tough decision on Question 1 | Victoria Hugo-Vidal Mount Desert Narrows. Smart, green choice is no on Question 1 | Joe Grant Cabin in the woods at night with lit windows. Retroactive law changing sets dangerous precedent | Ellen Field LePage urges No vote on Question 1 | Evan Houk Smoke rising from a coal plant. A vote against power line is a vote for fossil-fuel polluters | Tony Payne Power lines in the woods of Maine. CMP corridor debate turns to Maine Legislature’s role in power projects at BDN forum | Jessica Piper Marshall Point Lighthouse. Cancel culture revisits Maine with corridor project | Larry Mayes Some NECEC critics unaware of how grid works | Tracy Floyd A view looking at Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory in the State of Maine, USA. Oppose Question 1 | Danny Deveau Electric cars charging. Corridor is a chance to power next generation | Bill Hartt Electrical wires against blue sky, Maine, USA. Video: We talk to reps on both sides of the CMP Corridor question | Daniel Dunkle Sunrise at Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA. NECEC corridor isn’t perfect, but it is needed now | Barbara Vickery This Maine power struggle could portend trouble for energy projects nationwide | William Reilly, Former EPA Administrator Casco Bay Bridge in Portland, Maine Question 1 may impact two leases beyond the CMP transmission corridor | Hannah Dineen Kayaking on a summer day. Let values guide your vote on Central Maine Power corridor question | Ron McAllister Power lines in the woods of Maine. Lewiston receives first tax payments tied to NECEC project | Andrew Rice
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