Mount Desert Narrows. Efficiency Maine extends its Electric Vehicle Accelerator Program for another year, advancing key climate change objective | BDN Smoke rising from a coal plant. Question 1 was paid for by big oil and gas | Serge Abergel Senior man and his son are laughing and talking together in their work van. Construction of the corridor can bring jobs to Maine | David Sawicki Augusta, Maine, USA view on the Kennebec River with Memorial Bridge at dawn. How Maine became the state with the worst infrastructure | Scott Cohn Maine Welcome Sign Support NECEC project, it’s a win-win for Maine | Marie Gray Power lines in the woods of Maine. Facts support Clean Energy Corridor | Serge Abergel Wishful thinking | Jamie Beaulieu Coastline of Acadia National Park, Maine. Another view: Maine’s dams are integral to our climate solution | Christiaan Beeuwkes Lighthouse at Cape Elizabeth. NECEC corridor a good deal for Maine | Kerri Bickford A view looking at Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory in the State of Maine, USA. Vote ‘no’ to support clean energy corridor, better jobs | Ted Sirois Northeast transmission fight shows Biden’s renewable dilemma | David Iaconangelo A young woman signing the bill on the digital tablet at the register at a local neighborhood coffee shop. NECEC will help ease high cost of Maine power | Cammy Reali Lobster Buoys Hanging on Fence, Maine Rocky Coast Shore at twilight sunset evening time. Misleading outburst | Serge Abergel Electrical wires against blue sky, Maine, USA. Vote no on corridor ballot initiative | Scott Strom Kayaking on a summer day. A sad irony with energy corridor | Thomas Welch Home energy smart meter in a Kitchen. Corridor project makes sense for Maine | Jim Fahey CMP corridor referendum seeks to retroactively change the rules. That’s no way to make law. | Richard Anderson Maine Welcome Sign Jobs, energy, revenue | Ellen Pope Enough is enough – The facts about the Clean Energy Corridor | Serge Abergel Casco Bay Bridge in Portland, Maine Oil, gas companies helping fund anti-Clean Energy Corridor campaign | Michael Bunker
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